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John and Nancy Rapoport's Fundraising Page
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For the last ten years, we have been ASPNC volunteers in a variety of sports throughout the year. We love spending time in outdoor recreation and being able to share the experience with those who need a little assistance. We have participated in this important fundraising event each summer. For the third year in a row we will be hiking up Mt Washington with team Walking Strong. In particular we will be supporting and training with one of the four athletes, Marsha Gray. The photo shows Nancy and Marsha on a training hike up Mt. Prospect.

ABOUT 2019 Team Walking Strong
Name Date Amount Comments
June and George W. Jones 08/05/2019 $50.00 Congratulations and great job. Thank you for all you do.
Raffle Tix Sales 08/04/2019 $40.00  
Nancy Rapoport 08/03/2019 $50.00 We are trying to get to our goal.
Gail Gorrow 07/25/2019 $20.00  
Elaine Dana 07/23/2019 $100.00 Success is at hand.
J & S Bristol 07/23/2019 $50.00 Hope to join you one year and be a part of your team. Good luck Nancy!
Lee Petruk 07/22/2019 $20.00 Hope you see a
Beth Anderson 07/22/2019 $20.00  
Nancy and Ken Gordon 07/05/2019 $100.00 We'll be with you in spirit
Alice Andrus 06/30/2019 $50.00  
Kristina Ennis 06/30/2019 $50.00  
Nancy Rapoport 06/06/2019 $200.00 Go team Walking Strong!
Mary Sturtevant 06/06/2019 $10.00 For all who strive and for all those who walk with them.
Robin Rapoport 06/06/2019 $7.00 Hope everyone has a wonderful time! Wishing you nice weather.
Margaret O’Donnell 06/06/2019 $20.00 All the best for your climb this year, here's to a beautiful sunrise.
  Total $787.00