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Linda Shurpik's Fundraising Page
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I look forward to this challenge to push my self and work towards this big goal. All while helping to raise funds to help other adaptive people find ways they can be an athlete too and get out and try new things. Learning that I can do more then what people think someone with a disability can pushes me to keep pushing and moving . . . bettering myself in the long run.

ABOUT 2019 Team Walking Strong
Name Date Amount Comments
Ashley Thomas 08/04/2019 $15.00  
Diane Downing 08/03/2019 $10.00 We are cheering you on 100%! Your an amazing person and a inspiration! You can do this if anyone can! Xo Through God all things are possible! Rock it
Robyn Grant 08/03/2019 $10.00  
Tanya Ingram 08/03/2019 $10.00 Kick some @$$ L-Jay!
Lia Cairns 08/03/2019 $25.00  
Selah Robb 08/02/2019 $45.00  
Suzanne Ring 08/02/2019 $25.00 Vaya con dios! Go LJ! I know that you can do it! I will be praying hard that you make it all the way to the top. Buena suerte! Senora Ring
Ian Butman 08/02/2019 $20.00 Go LJ
Jen Friedman 08/01/2019 $10.00 Good luck LJ!
Anonymous Friend 08/01/2019 $40.00 You've got this LJ.
Vanessa Fisher 08/01/2019 $100.00  
Cortney Cox 07/31/2019 $20.00 You go girl!
Tommy Cox 07/31/2019 $50.00 Good Luck LJ!!!
Chrystina Moran 07/31/2019 $20.00 So proud of you!! You’re an inspiration to so many! You rock girl!!!
Karen and Eric Blacher 07/30/2019 $18.00 Go go go!! We love you!!
Lily Getz 07/28/2019 $15.00  
Shelley Otto 07/27/2019 $25.00 Good luck!
Stephanie Aston 07/26/2019 $68.00 Climb high, LJ!!!
Ginger Card 07/25/2019 $10.00 Keep up the great work! Best wishes on upcoming hike.
Trisha Grant 07/25/2019 $100.00 You inspire so many!
Skye Butman 07/25/2019 $15.00  
Amy Clayman 07/25/2019 $20.00 Thanks for inspiring others. You’re going to kick but!
Sara Dutton LaPointe 07/23/2019 $77.00 I am so proud of you and the strength that you show each and every day with all of your accomplishments! You are a rock star! You are going to eat Mt. Washington for breakfast! Thank you for continuing to keep Amy’s light bright in the world!
Beth Dutton 07/22/2019 $110.00 Linda- Good luck with your hike! Keep chasing new goals!! You are inspiration to everyone! You will finish strong! Beth Dutton
Lisa Papastefanou 07/21/2019 $10.00 You are a rock star!
Harlen O'Brien 07/21/2019 $50.00  
Linda Shurpik 07/19/2019 $4.00 $4 for 4am start time!
Heather Brown 07/16/2019 $20.00 So much love and respect for you LJ! You got this!
DJ, Moire, Robbie, and Brynn Balsam 07/16/2019 $25.00 Go LJ!
Linda Rowland 07/14/2019 $10.00 You can do this!! ❤
Anonymous Friend 07/14/2019 $10.00  
Colleen Lamm 07/14/2019 $25.00 Good luck! Have fun.
Teal Murphy 06/29/2019 $50.00  
Patricia Burleigh 05/18/2019 $25.00 Go, Lj -- you can do it! Love Aunt Pat & Uncle Ray!!!
  Total $1,087.00