Shane MacElhiney's Fundraising Page
Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country, Inc
Shane MacElhiney's Fundraising Page

Dear Current and Future Supporters of ASPNC,

As you may or may not know, I am on the board of The Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country based out of Franconia, New Hampshire.  Our organization is a community-based organization that is committed to enriching the quality of life for people with disabilities through access to recreation! We have over 100 volunteers and provide year round activities for people with all disabilities. We take clients on over 1000 sessions per year including hiking, biking, tennis, golf, Nordic & Alpine skiing, gardening, sled hockey, power soccer, climbing, kayaking, and much more.

The good new is that all of our programs are over subscribed.  It is worth noting that some of our programs have a fee, but our policy is to turn away no one, even if they can’t pay. The board is committed to maintaining this philosophy of access, but it has a cost: last year we had over $11,000 in uncollected fees. The bad news is that many of our athletes are supported through state and federal programs that are having their budgets cut. We have a $250,000 budget for which we raise 90% through donations. The Sunrise Ascent is by far our biggest fundraiser.

Sasha is an amazing person who I have had the honor of working with over the last few years. After a couple of years of being thwarted by weather, Sasha and the team "conquered the mountain" and ascented last year. It was an incredible day. Team Sasha is back in 2019 and we are looking forward to another strong showing. 

Thank you in advance for your support.



ABOUT 2019 Team Sasha

Name Date Amount Comments
Janet & Richard Dumas 08/03/2019 $314.40  
Renee Blacken 08/02/2019 $25.00  
Christian Slubowski 07/27/2019 $100.00 Way to go Mac!
Roger and Barbara Manring 07/05/2019 $400.00 Good luck to Sasha, Shane M., and all the other Team Sasha Members!
Theodore Lundberg 06/13/2019 $100.00  
G Michael MacElhiney 05/29/2019 $400.00  
Gary and Kathleen MacElhiney 05/27/2019 $300.00  
Karen and Ronald Russell 05/20/2019 $100.00  
Shane MacElhiney 04/18/2019 $300.00  
  Total $2,039.40