Kerry & Ryan's Sunrise Fundraiser
Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country, Inc
Kerry & Ryan's Sunrise Fundraiser

Hello Friends & Family!!! It is time for one of our favorite events of the year....SUNRISE ASCENT!!! Many of you know this is an awe-inspiring event that Ryan and I participate in every year...the infamous hike up Mt Washington!!! However....this year is going to look a little different. Instead of logging 7.6miles and 5000+ ft of elevation on a very early August morning surrounded by some of our best friends...we're doing solo hikes, walks, biking, jogging, anything to get the body moving throughout the month of July to raise funds to support people with disabilities and help them get OUTSIDE!! Whether their passions lie in hiking, biking, skiing, walking, gardening, sled hockey and so much more....ASPNC is there to help facilitate these amazing activities. 

Last year we were part of Team Jimbo!! Jimbo was a former marine that served our country during the Korean and Vietnam wars. He had many health issues that were directly associated to his exposure to Agent Orange during his service. We had one hell of a hike and when we rocked the rock pile, Jimbo proudly stood at attention while the Marine Corps hymm was playing in the background. There wasn't a dry eye. I'm sad to also share that Jimbo passed away later last year however we're incredibly thankful to be a part of a lovely memory his family will share forever.

This year we are part of Team For the Love of Tom Norcott. Tommy was one of the founders of ASPNC. He was an awesome friend with a big belly laugh and an even bigger heart. He showed us all what true meaning of volunteering and why it was so important. FUN. I can remember my early days of volunteering with him and taking chair lift rides FULL of laughter. He was one of the best and he sadly passed away this Spring. 

Ryan and I know this is a tough time for everyone and if donating is not in the cards we completely understand. It is such an uncertain time and we truly appreciate anyone that is able to contribute this year and the MANY that have supported us the last 9 years of this fundraiser. ASPNC is a non-profit organization that runs on donations and volunteers. We're still commited to the cause even in this crazy time and we'll do whatever we can to fundraise, get people outside and continue the stoke because....what else can we do right now!!!

Thank you all so much!! 


Kerry & Ryan

ABOUT 2020 Sunrise Ascent on Mt. Washington
Name Date Amount Comments
Selena Hoover 07/30/2020 $100.00 So proud of your ten year commitment to Adaptive!!
Melissa Clougherty 07/27/2020 $25.00  
Heather Sherry 07/27/2020 $40.00  
Ron & Sandy Blazejewski 07/21/2020 $50.00 For those unable to experience the beauty of your area are fortunate to have people like you in their lives!
Ray and Pat Montani 07/21/2020 $100.00 Keeping up the tradition of bringing joy to so many! Thank you! Love
Donna Malek 07/17/2020 $25.00 Keep up the great work Kerry and Ryan!
Susan Campbell 07/17/2020 $25.00 This sounds like a great cause! I am happy to support it.
Gloria Wallace 07/17/2020 $100.00 The power of love drives you to the highest heights. So proud of you all, as always. You know that Uncle R. will be the wind at your back!
Suzie Coughlan 07/16/2020 $25.00 Kerry you have inspired me since I met you decked out in SooSoo blue!
Jessica Simpson 07/16/2020 $25.00 love this cause and how much it means to you guys!
Corin Sherry 07/16/2020 $20.00 Good luck in your fundraising endeavors!
PJ Powers 07/16/2020 $75.00  
Kerry Montani 06/12/2020 $125.76  
  Total $735.76